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Third Workshop (online)
Breaking Ground on Property Perception
9–10 June 2021

The issues explored in our series suggested both that some familiar puzzles about property perception stand in need of novel solutions, and added to them novel puzzles whose implications remain largely unexplored. Our ultimate goal, targeted in the final workshop, is to use such puzzles as a means to pursue a synoptic investigation into the nature and significance of property perception, and its relation to object perception.


Day 1: 9 June


10:00–10:15 (BST/UTC+1)* Welcome/workshop introduction

10:15–11:45 Alexander Moran (Oxford), “Naive Realism, Illusion, and the Phenomenal Principle”

11:45–12:00 Break

12:00–13:30 Roberta Locatelli (Tübingen), “Proper Disjunctivism”

13:30–14:00 Lunch break (off the screens) 

14:00–14:30 Coffee in breakout rooms (optional)

14:30–16:00: Heather Logue (Leeds), “The Revelatory Potential of Perception”

Day 2: 10 June

10:00–10:05 Sign-in 

10:05–11:35 Keith Wilson (Oslo), “Perspectival Realism”


11:35–11:50 Break

11:50–13:20 Matthew Soteriou (King’s College London), “Perceiving Properties in Perspective”

13:20–14:00: Lunch/closing discussion (optional)

*All times are for UK daylight savings (UTC+1)

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